Trainings – Port & Ship

Cargo securing trainings for maritime personell

MariTerm AB can offer cargo securing trainings anywhere in Northern Europe according to below:


Basic training – Cargo Securing with theory and practice (1 Day)

Training for packers at industries, vehicle drivers, forwarders, terminal workers, railway personnel, authority representatives, as well as other persons working in the transportation chain.


Training for port captains, masters and officers (2 days)

Course according to the STCW requirements.


Cargo securing for able seamen and stevedores (2 days)

Course with theory and practice according to STCW for seamen (Abs), stevedores and cargo surveyors.


Further Information

For further information on our Cargo Securing trainings, please contact Sven Sökjer-Petersen telephone +46 42 33 31 04.