BS – Basic Safety

Training for sea personnel who, in their position, are part of the ship’s safety organization.

The objective and purpose of the training

If you are part of the ship’s safety organization in your position, you need this training to obtain the associated certification. You will learn personal survival techniques, medical care, evacuation and fire protection. You will also gain basic knowledge of smoke diving and learn to use different extinguishing agents.

Our course leader has extensive experience at sea and has good references in the subject areas and as an educator. Fire theory and practice are carried out by special experts in fire protection on board.


Basic Safety consists of the following four main parts:

Part A: Personal Survival Techniques
Part B: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
Part C: Elementary First Aids
Part D: Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

The training is carried out as a full course, a refresh course and as a combination course with Advanced Fire Fighting and theoretical lessons are interspersed with discussions and group work as well as practical exercises.


MariTerm AB  is approved by the Swedish Transport Agency for training in Basic Safety.

Further information

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

MariTerm AB, Sporthallsvägen 2A, SE-263 35 Höganäs, Sweden
Sven Sökjer-Petersen
+46 42 33 31 04