ISPS – International Ship and Port Facility Security Code


Management systems

MariTerm AB creates and develops user-friendly management system templates in accordance with the ISPS Code for all types of ships and port facilities.

MariTerm AB also assists with development and simplification of existing ISPS security management systems.


MariTerm AB offers ISPS knowledge training and competency development for shipping companies and ports. Courses are given both as open public courses and in-house at shipping companies and ports.

Training of security officer according to the ISPS Code for:

  • SSO (Ship Security Officer)
  • CSO (Company Security Officer)
  • PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer)

MariTerm AB  is approved by the Swedish Transport Agency for training in ISPS for SSO – Ship Security Officers.


MariTerm AB assists with thorough and problem-solving investigations when a shipping company are facing any ISPS code security management system problems.

Internal Audits

MariTerm AB performs and when applicable, conducts internal audits of the ISPS system at companies (according to the company’s own procedures) in order to find the problem prior anyone else does.

Further Information

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

MariTerm AB, Sporthallsvägen 2A, SE-263 35 Höganäs, Sweden
Sven Sökjer-Petersen
+46 42 33 31 04