Navigation audits

MariTerm AB is offering navigation audits, either by ship visits or by VDR extract (Voyage Data Recorder). The auditing is carried out on the basis of a long-standing experience as a training organizer within the maritime sector, including BRM, and by having instructors with a long experience in working with an advanced BRM philosophy in the large cruise ship industry.

Access to data:

The Navigation Audit by VDR extract is preferably conducted with data down loaded by the customer and transferred to Mariterm in an agreed format. The results are presented in a detailed but clear report and, if desired, at a follow-up meeting.


An assignment starts with a meeting between Mariterm and the customer, where the latter explains the intent with the audit and to what standard the audit shall be held, for example:

  • The company’s Navigation Policy
  • Bridge Procedures Guide and STCW

However, it is likely that a customer, from the tanker segment, will choose audit points from its vetting partner, that may involve but not be limited to:

  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Watch change
  • Briefing, debriefing
  • Authority and assertiveness
  • Teamwork, situational awareness, thinking aloud
  • Working with pilots, etc.


Most shipping operators have an increasing number of procedures covering how the navigation should be conducted. However, it is increasingly difficult to make sure that the procedures are followed. A Navigation Audit conducted by an outside partner is a convenient and cost effective method to make this happen, in a for all parties effective way.

A VDR Audit entails inevitably a certain degree of listening into private conversations in a work place. If this is conducted by an outside partner who is not familiar with the persons who’s conversation is recorded, it will give anonymity to the persons involved. Also, the fact that the auditors will cover the agreed scope only will give a certain degree of confidentiality for the bridge teams.

The bridge personnel will also be aware of that the auditor will not be able to identify the persons audited and can therefore rest assure that their conduct will be assessed in an unbiased way.


Mariterm deals with a number of confidential documents each year and signs an agreement of confidentiality with the customers when desired.


For further information please contact Sven Sökjer-Petersen telephone +46 42 33 31 04.