Trainings – Management systems (ISPS, ISM, BRM & CCM)

MariTerm AB offers the following training and services in the field of ship management systems: 

ISPS – International Ship and Port Facility Security Code – SSO Ship Security Officer), CSO (Company Security Officer) and PFSO (Port Facility Officer) (2 days training)

MariTerm AB offers ISPS knowledge training and competency development for shipping companies and ports. Courses are given both as open public courses and in-house at shipping companies and ports.

The training is given by instructors with first hand experience from terror threats at sea and in port and protection of ships sailing in piracy infested waters around the world.

MariTerm AB has also developed an extended one day training on the legislation around Port Security, combined with a desk top drill on a terror attack of a ship in port.

ISPS Extended – PFSO (Port Facility Officer) (1 day training)

On the basis of the PFSO training, the course is extended by one separate day where the Port Security Assessment and Port Security Plan are further explored.

A closer look is taken on the laws and regulations that deal with security protection and security classification where the NIS directive is included. Supervisory authority and supervision of supervision authority, etc.  The training ends with a desk-top exercise that deals with a terrorist attack on a ship in port.

ISM – International Safety Management Code (2 days training)

MariTerm AB offers ISM knowledge training and competency development for shipping companies and their personnel. Courses are given both as open courses and in-house at shipping companies. The object of the training is to develop competency for internal auditing for shipping companies and operators.

The course fulfills the IMO MSC-MEPC.7/ Circ.6 ”Guidance on the qualification, training and experience necessary for undertaking the role of the Designated Person under the provisions of the ISM Code”.

BRM – Bridge Resource Management (3 days training)

MariTerm AB offers a Bridge Simulator and Bridge Teamwork with Bridge Resource Management Training according to IMO Model Course 1.22 and IMO Model Course 1.30 and conforms to the competence requirements relevant to principles of bridge resource management and application of leadership and teamworking skills prescribed by Section A-VIII/2, Part 3; Table A-II/2. And to the guidance set forth in Section B-I/12 Paragraphs 67-69 of the STCW Code, as amended.

Shiphandling (1 day training)

The training includes effective ship handling procedures, delivered in a full mission ship simulator. The exercises include coastal passages, landfalls, pilotage and navigational emergencies. The course provides the opportunity for discussion and implementation of best practicies with regard to ship handling procedures.

The course is in accordance with the requirements in the STCW Code inclusive the Manijla amendments according to table A-11/2 (Manoevre and handle a ship in all conditions) and OCIMF SIRE programme chapter 3.6.

CCM – Crises Management and Human Behaviour for service on passenger and roro passenger ships (3.5 days training)

The training is in accordance with the provisions of the STCW Code regulation V/2 §6 and regulation V/2.8.

The course is required for personnel who work on a passenger or roro vessel with more than 100 passengers and who have direct responsibility for the passengers in an emergency.

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