R&D – Reports

MariTerm AB continuously participates in and manages research and development projects within the field of transport. The research and development projects MariTerm AB has participated in covers following areas:

  • Cargo securing and safe transports
  • Freight transports and environment
  • Emission models and compilations for sea transports
  • Development of freight transports in local, regional and global perspectives
  • Development of logistics towards more rational utilisation of rail and sea transports
  • System transports

Stakeholders in these projects have, apart from public research organisations, been domestic and foreign:

  • Branch organisations
  • Authorities
  • Industries
  • Transport companies
  • Insurance companies
  • et al.

As part of our strategy to maintain a front line position within our fields of expertise, we try to continuously be involved in one or several research and development projects.

You can find the reports from our research and development projects under the following categories: