Training Courses – Dangerous Goods

Company adopted DG training

IMO Thailand inspektion FGCompany adopted DG training for personnel which classify, pack, mark, label or placard, load/unload, prepare documents, transport or handle dangerous goods.

The training is according the regulations for all modes of transport. The requirements of the DG training for the personnel involved in the transport and handling of dangerous goods is settle in chapter 1.3 in ADR, RID, ADN and IMDG and chapter 1.5 in IATA-DGR. The training shall consist of three parts:

General awareness training – each person shall be familiar with the general provisions of dangerous goods.

Function-specific training – each person shall be trained in specific dangerous goods provisions which are applicable to the function that the person performs. If the transportation includes more than one mode of transport shall the provisions for all modes of transport be included.

Safety training – each person shall be trained in methods and procedures for accident avoidance, available emergency response and the hazards involved with dangerous goods. A section with security provisions is also included to prevent the risk of theft and misuse of dangerous goods.

Attenders on the 1.3-training are those who in their work

  • Classify DG
  • Pack, mark and label DG
  • Load/unload DG
  • Prepare transport documentation
  • Offer DG for transport
  • Accept DG for transport
  • Handle DG in transport
  • Carry DG
  • Others that get in contact with transport of DG

Company adopted DG training

MariTerm offers to prepare and perform a whole or parts of an adopted company training according to the regulations of transport of dangerous goods for the actual modes of transport – road, rail, sea and/or air for the personnel involved.

Further information

Further information can be obtained by contacting:

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